In busy retail environments, where visitors are bombarded with information and sound, Tobii needed something to display their eye tracking technology on a computer. It needed to ‘wow’ the visitor, inform and educate them about the benefits of eye tracking, through some sort of interactive demo.


Create an appealing and beautiful demo together with a 3D artist that captures the retail visitors attention, lets them try out eye tracking without any prior knowledge about the technology, and inform them about what it is.

— Tobii Retail demo

One of the great challenges Tobii has is to educate people about what eye tracking is, and this particular demo experience was created to be placed in busy retail environments. Our objective was to craft an interactive demo that users could try out in a matter of minutes, and be swept away with how insanely cool eye tracking is, and how it works.

The demo begins with an eye searching for a user, and once a user stands in front of the computer, the eye tracker will register its presence, thus starting the demo. What happens next is a calibration process, but which the user will interpret as part of the demo. Thereafter the user will, using only his/her eyes, pop areas of rotating discs. During this demo the users head is also represented in the demo, and the eye tracker track’s that movement too, giving the user a sense that it has controls of the computer by using only the eyes.

My Role

Art Director


Target group

Tech enthusiasts

PC Users



  • 2018


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