Tobii needed a platform where users can become accustomed with eye tracking, order products and download drivers and software. As this is mainly a B2C strategy, it needed to be its own entity separated from the rest of Tobii websites.


A website which consists of information for three specific target groups- Casual gamers, streamers and esport players. Visitors can purchase eye trackers, download drivers, retrieve game keys and view order history through a dashboard.

— Tobii Gaming

Tobii is the world leader in eye tracking technology, a technology that spans over a great number of use cases. Tobii Gaming is a B2C website targeted for gamers, streamers and esport players to sell hardware solutions to enable eye tracking.

The site serves many purposes such as educating visitors about the benefits of eye tracking, an e-commerce channel, a massive games directory, software and drivers downloads as well as game key distribution. My responsibilities include UX, Art direction and design as well as content creation.

Each page is built around the JTBD-framework, that clearly describes the page’s purpose and expected outcome. The site is in an ever changing state, as we split test content and functionality, add and remove content, improve the UX and visual style.

My Role

Art Director


UX Designer

Target group



Esport professionals

Tech enthusiasts


  • 2018-2020


  1. gaming.tobii.com

The website was built up of several game pages, a games index page, feature pages etc.