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Streaming is a huge phenomenon, and streamers are constantly looking at ways to make their content stand out from the rest. Some of them choose to use eye tracking as a way to give their viewers a closer insight into their game play and content. Their viewers need to be able to customise the overlay, or even turn it off, so that the overlay doesn’t become a disruptor. They also need to be educated in what eye tracking is and its benefits.


Design an easy to use Twitch plugin where users can customise the eye tracking overlay to their liking.

— Tobii Ghost Twitch Extension

The Tobii Ghost Twitch Extension is a Twitch Plugin used to customise the eye tracking overlay streamers have whilst streaming on their channel. Viewers can play around and adjust the overlay to their liking in terms of shape and colors.

The goal was to create a very simple design where the user easily can change the color and shape of the eye tracking overlay, and with the added advanced settings customise it even further.

The time frame was very short at the time being, and the extension was created in a week, from first sketch to first version, just in time for the launch at Gamescon 2018.

A logotype and product branding was also created in parallel to the Twitch extension plugin.

My Role

Art Director


UX Designer

Target group



Twitch Users / Viewers


  • 2018


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Logo and UI design