The gaming industry consists of very aware users and buyers- they are used to a certain level of quality and brand treatment, which Tobii lacked for their gaming segment strategies.

Tobii needed clear instructions on how to address the gaming industry, market and target groups.


Create clear guide lines for how to address the gaming market in terms of design, copy and brand messaging.

— Tobii Gaming

Tobii Gaming is the sub brand of Tobii that addresses the gaming market. It consists of several platforms and mediums such as websites, social media and software. The target group’s are gamers, streamers, esport players and tech enthusiasts, but also the average Joe with the latest gear.

For Tobii Gaming I have created an identity that derives its brand guide lines from the mother brand, but has its own flavour and brand narrative.

I decided to package the Tobii Gaming identity with its own wrapping paper, as the market is very specific in contrast to the rest of Tobii’s markets, and the target groups are very picky in what they choose to spend their time and money on.

My job was to create, establish and distribute the identity of Tobii Gaming both externally, as well as internally with guidance, documentation and design systems.-

My Role

Art Director


UX Designer

Target group



Esport professionals

Tech enthusiasts


  • 2018-2020


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An excerpt from the identity guidelines.

These are just a few slides from the document that covers multiple areas. The document is mainly aimed at content creators- designers, developers, copywriters and community managers, but also a document for anyone who is part of any marketing activities and strategies for the Tobii Gaming segment.

The guide lines covers multiple areas, such as who are our users, what is our tone of voice, what is the brand narrative, visual style guide, examples and an asset library.


Design System


Art Direction

UI Design



In line with the updated brand identity, a design system was created.