The GLL brand needed an updated visual identity to better distinguish itself from its competitors, and clear guidelines for the brand.


An updated visual identity with clear guide lines for how to communicate the GLL brand and a powerful design system.

— GLL Visual identity

GLL was an esport brand and platform, that offered gamers and esport players the ability to compete in games and win real money prize pools.

In 2021 an update of GLL's visual identity was needed. I led the project and with the help of two designers managed to modernise the design language and update the branding guidelines. User research was conducted in several stages to let data point the work in the right direction. After a few months of iterations and user testing, we settled on an updated color palette, tweaked brand color, updated typography with complimenting graphical elements. The work was distilled into clear guidelines, along with a fresh design system to enable efficient and consistent production of the platform.

My Role

Art Director


Target group


Esport professionals


  • 2021


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An excerpt from the visual identity guidelines.

These are just a few slides from the document that covers multiple areas. The document is mainly aimed at content creators- designers, developers, copywriters and community managers, but also a document for anyone who is part of any marketing activities and strategies for the GLL brand.


Design System


Art Direction



In line with the updated brand identity, a design system was created. A project led by me involving 2 junior designers creating the components themselves.