Brand identity



Create an identity that combines the sense of luxury with sustainability, for the modern eco-consumer in the Scandinavian market.


An identity with a logotype that combines a wordmark of ancient sumerian characters, a color palette of earthy and warm colors with graphical elements that acts as a contrast and framing for the brand.

— Eanna Brand Identity

Eanna AB was founded in December 2020 to set the new standard for the Aleppo soap industry and hammam experience in Sweden and the Nordic countries. There is no strategic authentic company in Sweden that leads in marketing, educating and selling this 900 year-old Aleppo soap today.

I designed the brand identity, complete with a logotype, color palette, typography, iconography and imagery.

My Role

Creative director


Target group

Scandinavian eco-consumers


  • 2020-


  1. www.eanna.se
  2. still in development.

The logotype was designed to represent the ancient spelling of Eanna in cuneiforms, the language used by sumerians, with a modern typeface of Archivo with its strict form and solid character.


Due to the carefully selected way of applying graphical elements and content, printing can be held at minimum to reduce cost and environmental impact.


The graphical pattern suggested originates from the pillars that are in the actual tempel of Eanna in Uruk.


I’ve also designed the website for Eanna, which is still in development.