In the fast paced world of esports, Alienware needed to stand out as a pioneer in the field, showing gamers that thanks to their products and position in the industry, they can become even better at what they love- competitive gaming.


Create a platform where users can view videos created by pro’s, earn points and badges, win in giveaways and ultimately become better gamers thanks to online tutorials, videos and tips & tricks.

— Alienware Academy

Alienware Academy is an online program that aims to train the next generation of pro gamers, with tutorials, videos and tips & tricks by pro gamers and streamers.

The site offers a continually evolving repository of lessons, tutorials, and interactive exercises where all levels of gamers can learn tips and tricks from professionals on how to improve their skills and bring their game to the next level.

I outlined the customer journey, which is tied with multiple other platforms such as Overwolf software platform, Tobii eye tracking technology, Alienware Arena and finally Alienware Academy. This became the foundation on which we built the entire site, and from where I created the UX, the wireframes and flowcharts, the style guide and finally web design.

My Role

Art Director


UX Designer

Target group


Esport professionals


  • 2018


  1. No longer active


I was tasked with designing and developing the UX and art direction for Alienware Academy. I led the creative direction for Alienware Academy in terms of web and video, and created the logotype, design direction and UX, as well as all the web design for the site and art direction for motion graphics.

The following slides will showcase how this style guide was put to use, though not yet fully implemented.